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$8 world wide airmail for all Small Parts
Small Parts includes all parts except chassis, transformers and covers. You can upgrade to express mail if you wish to. If you c... read more
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Vacuum Tube Data Sheet
Filament voltage, filament current, plate voltage etc for the following TJ tubes: 101D,  102D,  12AU7,  12... read more
Bare and Enamel Coated Wire
... read more
Tube Basics
INDEX PAGE TRIODES ---Section 1 - The Grid ---Section 2 - Plate Characteristics ---Section 3 - S... read more
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Universal Volume Control Application and Instructions
Universal Volume Control Application and Instructions for DIY and assembled units    DIYHFS  8/13/200... read more
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TJ Full Music 300B (CNE)
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40mm Solid Brass Knob (CNC, Chrome plated)
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MediaTwist ® Cat6 Cable - Assembled (1m)
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Chilling at the Bee­Hive:  A Group Test of Nine Different 300B V
To Be or Not Be –  Those are the 300 Questions Here   ...Hence, just because a valve has received here a score overall of 90 out of 100 it is not just the only one worth  buying, it may not necessarily match your taste and system as well as another person's system and taste.  Equally, just becaus... read more
David's Hypex & UTS Hybrid Amplifier
Great sound stage and imaging, I am impressed. Made with USD stage at 6db and Hypex 180W D-class (also DIYHIFI attenuator and others) ... read more
Georges Gigawork DAC with UTS
The the build is finished and the sound is great. I will let you know how it sounds once it has run in for a while but at this stage the improvement is quite staggering. The build was fairly easy though my shaky hands didn't make soldering to the dac chip outputs very easy I am now using gilded copper rca's and solid core mono crysta... read more
Mikey's Denon DVD2900 Player with UTS
I nestled the power transformer behind the existing power switch, after relocating a few circuit boards. The transformer was fastened to the chassis with one 6MM bolt thru the bottom. To fit the tube output board, I had to remove the video portion of the player. This was not a problem for me as I use the unit for CD playback only. An... read more
Saffier's Sabre DAC in Granite Case
Happy new year to you all! Best wishes. Just wanted to share my "almost" end result of the DAC project. The Buffalo DAC 24bit/192Khz with UST output stage. A second (UST) unit is being planned so I can use the current output of the DAC instead of the voltage output. Should give even better detail and texture. Sound is great. See pictures... read more